Man-Eating Aliens On A Secret Base Revealed By US Record

The United States Department of Agriculture releases files that reveal a caller once witnessed man-eating aliens and the construction of an alien base in the Tonto National Forest, near Phoenix, Arizona. The extraordinary information was obtained by the Founder of the UFO website, The Black Vault, John Greenewald. This is not the first time that an alien base in Tonto has been reported.

On December 30, 2013, an email was sent by the Department of Agriculture to all US Forest Service Rangers detailing the extraordinary encounter. The email described a call made in the morning from a male caller reporting the construction of a secret government installation. The caller identified himself and said that he is 60 years old, not crazy, and does not do drugs.

"Aliens and at least one detached head are involved," the email said. The caller claims to have witnessed construction cranes from the side of the cliffs, and miniature stealth planes and UFOs. Most intriguingly, he reports seeing man-eating aliens and people working together at the site.
Greenwald shares that the caller claims to find a severed head and said to have pictures of some of this stuff, the Daily Star reports.

Scott Heckman, a contributor to the report, said that he has been able to follow UFOs in the Tonto National Forest. Another US base is located around 250 miles from the Tonto National Forest where a species of aliens known as “Tall Whites” were reported being seen within the Nellis Airforce base in Nevada. The intriguing information comes as a Freedom of Information request revealed a horde of UFO sightings recently in Lancashire.

According to the Inquisitr, another intriguing UFO document from the government brings to light numerous facts that aliens exist and are in contact with Earth. The document reveals the research findings of scientists, astronauts, and government officials from across the world, who show evidence of an alien presence. Another online report called Flier’s Files reveals the probable presence of man-eating aliens as people who have gone near the base in the national forest have “gone missing”.

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