Sapio App Is The Perfect App To Find A Smart Date For Valentine's

People who would like to get in touch with intelligent individuals might want to check out a new app that caters to that want and it's perfect for Feb. 14. That app is called Sapio, which is a dating app that matches people with others with the similar intelligence level and personality. "Sapiosexual" means a person who finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality.

"Sapiosexuals can't be simply defined as people who are only attracted to the highly intelligent," said Kristin Tynski, Sapio's co-founder. "They're attracted to someone based on a matching level of intelligence, interests, conversation, drive, sense of humor," Tynski added.

The app works by allowing it to go through user Facebook profiles so it can gather data. Users can also just manually provide the information. Individuals can use the Question Explorer feature, which has 300 open-ended questions that have various categories ranging like "Hopes and Dreams," "Hypotheticals" and "Inside My Head." According to the developers behind the app, the more answers provided, the better visibility with people with similar interests.

The app will then go on and analyze the provided answers, which can be used to determine the user's intelligence, conversational ability, and shared interests. The app can then look for other users who share interests and personality type. Regarding the how the app came to be, the co-founder explained that there is a need for something different than average dating apps, which tend to be superficial in nature.

Recently, another dating app also made the headlines. It was the Hater App, which, odd as it may sound, lets people find potential dates based on the things they do not like. According to the app's CEO, Brendan Alper, the idea was really just material for comedy but he eventually realized that the app may just work in the real world.

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