Google Valentine's Doodle Highlights Most Poached Animal

Google is getting the love on this week for Valentine's Day. The company put forth a Google doodle game, which is meant to highlight the pangolin.

The Pangolin Lovers

The timely Google doodle tells the story of two long-distanced pangolin lovers, inviting people to take part in the love affair by taking the role of one pangolin who goes on a journey "around the world to learn how to best romance its partner." The Google's Valentine's Day doodle, which features love-struck pangolins, was available on the homepage as early as Monday.

According to the blog post, the pangolin first travels to Ghana to learn how to bake a chocolate cake. The second trip is to India where the pangolin asks a friend to teach it how to construct melodies for its loved one. Then in China, the pangolin collects fan in order to learn how to dance. Lastly, in the Philippines, it tries to learn how to make a bouquet and win the heart of its "pangolove".

Doodle With A Cause

The Valentine's Day doodle was worked on by six people composed of animators and engineers for a good whole year. Apparently, the love affair is one of the most in-depth Google Doodles ever made. It is even paired with an interactive video game.

According to the head artist for the doodle, Helene Leroux, "If they're endangered, they really have to meet." She says this during an interview, which took place at the Google headquarters located in Mountain View, California. "So it was a perfect theme for Valentine's Day."

Usually called "scaly anteaters", Pangolins, which are found in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, are deemed the most poached and trafficked mammal on earth. Google does not forget to invite people to donate in protecting these mammals and provided a link to a World Wildlife Fund page.

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