Will 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Be Available For PC?

2017 will mark the release of one of the most anticipated titles from Rockstar Games - Red Dead Redemption 2. Though the first game was exclusive to consoles, rumors have suggested that the next game will be available for the PC.

The news comes from RDR2.com, who reported that a recent leak in Denuvo has revealed that Rockstar Games will be using Denuvo in a future game, and it's possible that it could be Red Dead Redemption 2.

To those who are unfamiliar with Denuvo, the company deals with the security of certain software that helps prevent them from being pirated or stolen online. What's ironic is that Denuvo had a technical hiccup that allowed unrestricted access from users for a short time, and that was enough for some of them to penetrate the database and extract any information that they could get their hands on.

Seeing that Denuvo only handles PC titles, and Rockstar has a deal with Denuvo, it's possible that Rockstar will be releasing a PC game in the near future, and the only title in mind is Red Dead Redemption 2. With no other games in line to release this year, it's highly likely that PC players can now join in on the open-world cowboy shoot-em-up.

Gaming Bolt speculated that even if the PC version won't be available come release date of Red Dead Redemption 2, it's possible that the game could come to the PC in the future. The same thing happened with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV and V. The PC versions of the game came out after its initial release and they were even given a few upgrades that were missing from the console versions.

As of now, RDR2 on PC is just a rumor, but some players are sure to be delighted if the rumor turns out to be true. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set for a release this coming fall.

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