Best Jailbreak iPhone Apps: Auxo 1.4 (Crash Fix)

The much maligned multitasking pane in iOS benefits greatly from a number of jailbreak iPhone apps; perhaps most notably, Auxo. The concept behind Auxo is simple: rather than giving you an icon in the multitasking pane that provides no information, Auxo gives you a preview of each running app.  

In addition, Auxo also replaces the iPod controls in the multitasking pane with a version that's a bit more robust. If you swipe once more to the left, Auxo gives you a dock with customizable shortcuts such as flashlight, Wi-Fi and other functions that you typically need to navigate through several submenus to reach without the benefit of a jailbreak iPhone app.

Auxo 1.4 brings a number of improvements and fixes to the popular jailbreak iPhone app. A number of new toggles have been added to the shortcut screen and some of the sliders are more easy to use now. Previously, the brightness and volume slider could be difficult to target, but their size has been increased in Auxo 1.4.

Most importantly, Auxo 1.4 fixes an extremely irritating crash bug that was plaguing many users. While it's been reported that the jailbreak iPhone app continues to crash for users under certain conditions, we were not able to replicate a crash.

Auxo retails for $1.99, but if you're feeling unscrupulous, there are a number of Cydia repos where you can find the jailbreak iPhone app for free, as with most Cydia offerings. As always though, we urge you to cough up the cash, since somebody actually invested time and effort into Auxo, and deserves to be compensated.

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