Free Subway Food On Valentine's Day, Here's How

For those who don't have enough cash for a Valentine's Day date, your next best option is to avail free Subway food. You'll be able to treat your date to a Subway sandwich for free. The popular food chain with branches around the Chester and Ellesmere Port area is running a "Customer Appreciation Day", and you can take advantage of it on Valentine's day.

Take your date, or yourself if you have nobody in your life, to any Subway branch located at the area mentioned above and get your hands on a mean six-inch sandwich. It's only good for Valentine's day so don't miss the chance. The free meal can save you pennies at a day when most people are spending it.

Every nice things comes at a price. So even though you don't have to pay for it, before you can get free Subway food, you have to do something first. Just buy a large dispensed drink or 500ml bottle of water so you can avail to Subway's lovely Valentine's giveaway. The drink costs about £1.50, and goes really well with the free sandwich too, Metro reports.

After buying the drink, you can pick a free six-inch sub and choose your fillers from an assortment of meat and veggies. There is a nice selection of white and wholemeal bread too. However, the offer is valid only for single meat, no extra cheese or any other extras, and it is limited to one per customer per visit.

According to the The Chester Chronicle , the offer is valid only on February 14 at Subway branches in the UK, between 11am and 7pm. You can get a free pudding too. And if you sign up to the ‘Cookies for Cookies’ scheme, you can also get your hands on a voucher for a free cookie. Just visit the Subway website to find out how you can get more free Subway food.

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