Battlefield 1 Winter Update Set For The Big Reveal Today!

Just recently, developer DICE revealed that a huge update is coming to Battlefield 1. Later on, it was known to be the Winter update. But of course, the studio was smart enough to keep the hype going. How? Well, by not releasing any specifics on the release date as well as the features includes. Well, not for long!

According to GameSpot, publisher EA has confirmed the upcoming revelation of Battlefield 1 Winter update. That it will be made not tomorrow, not on weekend, but today. This will reportedly be made through a livestream event. Fortunately, the studio has already unveiled the schedule for the said activity.

For Battlefield 1 players who want to know the mystery behind the aforementioned update, they better take notes. The broadcast is said to take an hour or so, depending on the studio's decision. Nonetheless, the schedules are as follows: 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM GMT. Again, this big revelation will happen today.

For Battlefield 1 players outside the US territory, there's nothing to worry. They'll still be able to take part of the event. For Japan, it's scheduled on 6 AM while fans at Australia will be able to watch it at 8 AM. As of this writing, DICE has yet to unearth the platform where the livestream will happen. However, chances are, it's going to be on the game's official Twitch account. It can be accessed here.

Again, everything about the Battlefield 1 Winter update is a mystery. There's no official word or confirmed from either of the studio as to what features or something will be included. But based on how the Fall update went, it's believed to be on the same path. It's worth noting that the past patch was quite large when it comes to size and quantity. Well, the best thing players must do is join the livestream and take part of it.

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