Here's Proof That DotA 2 Has Greatly Changed

DotA 2 has become a leader in both the gaming industry and eSports scene. It proved to be a highly celebrated game, as more and more players are joining the fun. However, when its latest update was released, a great division was seen in the community. While there are those who liked the changes it brought, most were just completely frustrated.

According to Kotaku, contrary to what most fans think, DotA 2 continued to change from time to time. That this has always been the story of the game since day one. It is just so unfortunate that players weren't able to see it beforehand. But yes, the massive changes from update 7.00 are just to be expected.

A Reddit user and DotA 2 fan shared a very interesting GIF on social media. It basically shows just how devastating the recent additions were. Simply put, most -- if not all of them -- have really twisted the way the game is played. In fact, the biggest and most recognizable of these is the introduction of the so-called Talent Trees.

The gif shared by the DotA 2 fan shows Phantom Assassin throwing a dagger to Nyx Assassin. Unfortunately, the former's dagger was somehow deflected by the latter -- with a critical damage on it. It's worth noting that PA has the chance to give out huge critical blows to enemies. That's why it's among the best heroes when it comes to end-to-end decision-making clashes.

It's also worth noting that the short footage the DotA 2 fan has now become a meme. It's even called "1 dagger and I'm die." This is thanks to Nyx Assassin's ability to reverse any incoming damage. Phantom Assassin's dagger might have dealt a huge critical blow, only to be reflected back to him. This one here is a living proof that the game is nowhere close to its roots.

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