Michael Vassar Joins Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk In Their Quest Of Exposing The Dangers Of AI

Following after the release of famed physicist Stephen Hawking and Tesla's CEO Elon Musk's version of the 23 principles for AI, another expert has recently joined these two personalities in their crusade. Michael Vassar, a renowned AI expert, shares his belief that artificial super-intelligence will most probably wipe out humanity if we do not approach AI with significant caution. As soon as possible, Vassar was quoted to have said that we must find ways to quickly promote analytically sound discoveries from those who lack academic prestige if we want to stay one step ahead of AI.

About Michael Vassar

According to reports revealed by Futurism, way back in 2012, Michael Vassar was appointed of being the chief science officer for MetaMed Research, which he co-founded. Moreover, prior to that, he was also noted to have served as the president of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Thus, a significant number of experts believe that Vassar clearly has an adequate knowledge especially in artificial knowledge, and now, he was found to have released a stark cautionary message for humanity highlighting the adverse effects of the development of artificial super-intelligence.

Furthermore, in one of his statements reported by Big Think, Vassar said that if greater-than-human artificial general intelligence is to be invented without due caution, he claims that it is all but certain that the human species will be extinct in very short order. Hence, the AI expert highly emphasizes that an unchecked AI could eradicate humanity in the future. Vassar explains that the greatest threat to humanity isn't AI eradication, but rather the absence of some sort of structure that elevates analytically sound ideas in a swift manner.

Michael Vassar And His Inspiration

Meanwhile, it was also found that Vassar's views are based on the writings of Nick Bostrom, particularly those found in his book "Superintelligence." Consequently, Bostrom's ideas are known to have been around for decades now, but they are only now gaining traction given his association with prestigious institutions. Ultimately, Vassar claims that many of the ideas espoused in Superintelligence were things Bostrom had written intelligently about as many as 20 years ago, however, Vassar adds that all he lacked was prestige.


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