What You Should Know About Hazard Trees

Trees are one of the most abundant natural resources we have on Earth. From being used to create shelter, energy and other benefits, trees serve humanity with a vast range of benefits. However, if neglected, trees can also cause damage, injuries and even death.

More than a year ago, eight children have been injured after a 75-foot uprooted tree fell on them during a summer day camp in Pasadena. Two of the eight children injured are said to be in critical conditions as confirmed by officials. According to witnesses, the pine tree crashed down one afternoon when campers together with their families were walking around Brookside Park located right outside the Kidspace Children’s Museum. Officials of the Pasadena Fire Department immediately responded to the incident.

Witnesses said that they do not have any idea that the tree will be falling down anytime. They saw nothing but a huge tree standing within the park. After the tree has fallen, huge piles of pine needles reportedly hindered rescue teams to see if there were more people injured or trapped. Other witnesses claimed to have seen children running all over the place as the old tree fell to the ground.

Andrew Aguiniga, one of the children in the park during the time of the accident, told NBC Los Angeles that they heard a loud crack. This was followed by the immediate collapse of the tree. While six out of the eight children only suffered minor injuries, two children were taken to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center under keen medical observation.

According to Tree City USA Bulletin, hazard trees can recognized to avoid further damages or threats. The law states that if a defective tree causes damage, death or other forms of injuries, the tree’s owner shall be held responsible. In the case of Brookside Park, the managers of the tree’s maintenance can be held accountable. Furthermore, the law also indicates the owners should be responsible for inspecting trees regularly and take urgent action if they are already at the brink of breaking or falling.

A hazard tree is defined as a structural defect causing the tree or its portion to fall on someone or something else of value. The rate of the deterioration of trees is mainly determined by the environment where it belongs to. Recently, a study revealed that tree species are declining because of climate change.

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