Motorola X Phone: AT&T Exclusive In August, Always On Listening Mode And Predictive Intelligence (Rumor)

The Motorola X Phone has been a mythical smartphone that has been keeping our attention with never-ending rumors and speculation.

The latest rumors claim that the X Phone will see a launch in August in the U.S. with AT&T getting an exclusive on the smartphone for three months. It is believed that Google and AT&T have struck a deal for the carrier to be the exclusive partner in offering the X Phone and will be similar to the deal Google and T-Mobile had for the Nexus 4. T-Mobile sells the Nexus 4 unlocked, so it is being speculated AT&T will also sell the X Phone unlocked during its rumored three-month exclusive deal. The X Phone will reportedly make its way to other carriers in November, just in time for the holidays.

A new feature of the X Phone will reportedly be an "always on listening mode" that will allow users to issue commands at any time to the X Phone without ever having to pick up the smartphone, turn it on, or open any type of application. As far-fetched as this rumor sounds, Qualcomm has already announced an "always-on Voice Activation" feature that will be built into its upcoming Snapdragon 800 processor.

Android and Me is also reporting that there will be a "predictive intelligence" feature built into the X Phone. The site has been told that the X Phone will automatically figure out what you want to do before you actually do it. It sounds like there will be software and sensors making this happen, if true. An example given is a user could take the X Phone out of a pocket and hold it up sideways, and it would automatically turn on and open up the camera application. Another example is, pick up the X Phone with the display facing you and the smartphone would turn on and show its lock screen with the current time and display any notifications you might have received.

The X Phone has been rumored to be completely customizable. The latest rumor is users will be able to customize the X Phone in "an array of color and material options that will produce thousands of color combinations."  It is believed that users will be able to choose from plastic, metal, carbon fiber and wood as a choice of case, with various color options on each. The site believes that users might be able to customize several different parts of the X Phone in order to come close to the "thousands of color combinations" claim.

We already know that Google is excited about the upcoming smartphone; Google's Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt recently described the X Phone as "phenomenal". As with all rumors, you need to take this one with a huge grain of salt as we're hearing these kinds of rumors on an almost daily basis.

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