iPad mini 2: Top 5 Reasons Why It Isn’t Worth The Wait

Apple launched the 7.9-inch iPad mini in Oct. 2012 and since then the tablet has become extremely popular in the smaller tablet space. It is not known when the next-gen iPad mini 2 will debut but there are certain reasons why the iPad mini 2 isn't worth the wait.


The iPad mini was welcomed well by many tablet users and a tech gurus alike, but the tablet also received criticism for the absence of the Retina Display as found in the full-sized iPad. Rumors suggest that the next-generation iPad mini 2 will have a Retina display; however, many users wont't bother with the relatively less stunning screen display of the iPad mini. If you use your tablet mainly for browsing the web and staying connected via social media, you don't really need the Retina or Sharp IGZO technology.

Value for money

The iPad mini costs around $329 for the Wi-Fi only version and you have to splash more for the 4G LTE variants of the tablet. If you sell your iPad mini, you may not get enough to buy the next-gen iPad mini 2.

e-book reading experience

Many smaller tablet owners use their devices for reading e-books and the iPad mini being a 7.9-inch tablet may be used by many customers for the same purpose. If you are using the tablet only for e-reading then you may not want to spend your cash to buy a tablet to serve the same purpose.

Faster Processor

The iPad mini packs in the A5 processor; however, the iPad mini 2 is expected to tout the faster A6X processor which is currently found in the iPad 4. Some rumors also point to Apple making the jump from A6 to the new A7 processor for the iPad mini 2. If you're a light tablet user, you may not use the tablet to its full potential. As such you may not find a difference in the speed if you are using an iPad mini or the iPad mini 2.


The iPad mini 2 is expected to be the same size as the current iPad mini, so if you like your iPad mini then you will be glad to know that the iPad mini 2 will be no smaller than the original iPad mini.

There is no official word from Apple if and when it is planning for the next-generation iPad mini 2. We will have to wait until the Cupertino company finally reveals the refreshed iPad mini 2. 

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