For Honor Guide: How To Farm Steel Easily

For Honor is now officially live and one of its unique in-game currencies is the resource known as steel. This material is highly valuable as it enables players to purchase virtually all kind of items in the game including heroes, customization items, and gears. With the game inclining towards multiplayer battles, crafting the best gears would definitely improve the chances of one's victory.

It is, therefore, imperative that players must accumulate as much steel as possible. The good news is that nearly all of the activities in the game will yield steel. For one's reference, here are the best ways to farm steel in For Honor:

Multiplayer Battles

One of the endearing features of For Honor is its intricate multiplayer modes that offer classic yet exciting battles to the fans. What's more, a multiplayer battle (PvP and PvE) is the best method to farm steel as multiplayer bounties rake more resources than any other modes in the game. And in order to maximize one's steel farming, one must activate Orders, which serve as a player's quest or challenge. In order to do so, simply go to the multiplayer map screen and then select orders (press L1 or Left Bumper) to view the full list of Daily Orders. From here, simply select any daily order but take note that these quests vary and changes each day and only up to three contracts can be manually selected from the list - to which the player has the option to finish all of it or swap it for another quest.

The Orders generally give decent EXP and steel once completed and the harder the mission goes, the better the loot they provide. Lastly, Ubisoft introduces Event Orders which are basically server-wide events wherein all players can partake from. These special events provide considerable steel and other spoils.

Solo Campaign

For those that aren't prepared for multiplayer modes yet, players can still farm steel through solo campaigns. Albeit tricky and taxing to some extent, Ubisoft made sure that players that love to play solo campaigns are rewarded heftily. But if one is to compare the steel grinding between solo and multiplayer modes, the latter is undeniably much faster than the former. Nevertheless, one is sure to find ample steel via solo campaign in order to prepare oneself for multiplayer modes.

Other Tips and Tricks

Aside from in-game activities, one can also obtain steel through in-app purchases via the online marketplace such as UPlay. The price range for the packs starts from $4.99 in exchange for 5,000 steel for up to $99.99 for 150,000 steel. For Honor is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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