Fire Emblem Heroes Glitch Turns The Game Into A Devilish Nightmare

Nintendo is starting to branch out on the mobile industry and one of its hot titles is the free-to-play tactical role-playing game, Fire Emblem Heroes. This app offers a wide array of strategies for players looking for a more complex mobile RPG. Whilst the Fire Emblem Heroes is well received by both critics and fans, it appears that a glitch turned the game into a devilish nightmare.

Fire Emblem Heroes Audio Glitch

An audio glitch from the Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes has left a player perplexed as it virtually turned the game into a devilish nightmare. As seen on the video uploaded by STNGaming, the glitch has turned all of the game's voices to sound like otherworldly creatures. As the title states, the glitch made the voices of the characters speak in "demonic voices."

Since the video was uploaded, more and more players are starting to share the same incident and are looking for ways on how to fix the audio glitch. As days pass by and seemingly no fixes being offered by either Nintendo or Intelligent Systems (developers), fans have been sharing their experiences on social media.

To the fans' disappointment over the slow response of the developers, things have gotten quite peculiar as some have made fun over the audio glitch - comparing the growls and groaning of various glitched characters. As of the time of this writing, it's still unknown how one can acquire the glitch and even the root cause of the audio bug. Furthermore, there are still no known ways on how to effectively solve the issue. For those that are experiencing the glitch, some players suggest that they restart the game over and over again until the audio glitch disappears.

Neither Nintendo nor Intelligent Systems have provided some ways to mitigate the problem. This article will be updated until further solutions have been announced. Fire Emblem Heroes is now available in both iOS and Android platforms.

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