Resident Evil 7 DLC Update: Second Expansion Pack Is Now Live On PS4

Since Resident Evil 7 has officially gone live, the brand new entry from the popular horror franchise has pulled off some impressive sales numbers. The report mentioned that Resident Evil 7 managed to log in the 3rd best launch week debut in the history of the franchise.

While many companies would relax after the game shipped 2.5 million copies during its first week, Capcom is not resting just yet. Following the release of the game's first batch of post-launch DLC roughly about two weeks ago, the company has now released the second DLC for the game.

According to the report from Game Rant, the second Resident Evil 7 DLC is entitled Banned Footage Vol. 2 which is now available on PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, Xbox One owners will receive the second batch of post-launch DLC on Feb. 24. Apparently, Banned Footage Vol.2 follows similar structure as Banned Footage Vol.1. It was reported that the newest expansion pack will still revolve around the Baker family which contains three new creepy experiences for players to tackle.

The first of the three ordeals is called 21, where players will gamble life and limb in a deadly game hosted by Lucas Baker. The second one is called Daughters. This will show the life of the Baker family before the occurrence of the tragic events in Resident Evil 7. Lastly, the third one is called Jack's 55th birthday, where players need to race against the clock and feed Jack lots of food. This comical game mode separates the tapes and plot of the main game.

Meanwhile, there are two different ways to grab a copy of Banned Footage Vol.2 DLC. Based on the report, the new expansion pack can be purchased individually for $15. On the other hand, it can also be acquired alongside the previous Banned Footage Vol.1 DLC and an unknown story expansion as part of the game's Season Pass for $30. Resident Evil 7 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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