Nintendo Refutes Rumor That Production Of NES Classic Edition Has Ceased

Nintendo is not halting production of the hard-to-find NES Classic Edition video game console. This was announced after rumors surfaced that the retro console will no longer be offered in retail stores.

Tech Radar got hold of a statement directly from Nintendo that the production of the mini NES Classic will continue particularly in Europe where the rumor supposedly started. According to a representative of Nintendo UK, Nintendo of Europe (NOE) will "continue to ship units to retail on a regular basis".

The rumor started with a post on Neo-Gaf. A person who claims to be an employee of an unnamed large Nordic retailer said that their store supposedly got word from the Nordic distributor of Nintendo, Bergsala, that the NES Classic Edition or Nintendo Classic Mini as it is called in the Nordic region, has "reached its end of life". The source also mentioned that their store will receive a few more shipments before stocks of the NES Classic completely "dries up".

A Facebook post by Spillsjappa, a Norwegian retailer, later confirmed that it will only get two more deliveries in March and April before "it's over". The post stressed that the news is tragic not just for the retailer but mostly for the clients who have waited to get their hands on the rare retro console. As it stands, some of those who have pre-ordered the console back in July 2016, particularly those at the end of the line, will most likely not receive their Mini NES. Bergsala also confirmed later that the cease of production will only affect Nordic countries. It also said that it is unaware of the situation in other parts of the world.

This unfortunate bit of news comes after Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima signified that the company is in the process of manufacturing more NES Classic consoles. Nintendo has not released a statement regarding the cease of production for the Nordic market, though Nintendo UK, as mentioned, has denied the rumor though it wasn't clear if the representative was only talking about the NES Classic stock situation in their region.

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