Twitter Rolls Back New Abuse Tool: Is This A Good Or Bad Move?

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Online abuse and harassment are some of the most concerning issues that users are facing in social media Twitter, and the platform hasn´t found the way to solve it for good. Photo : Bisesbimby/YouTube

Just as any single tragedy, Twitter´s financial crisis has represented an equation that starts with the leak of users and ends up in Wall Street´s loss of confidence and a really dark scenario in the near future. Naturally, considering that the blue bird platform is a social media that already became public, reducing its users´ numbers is a nightmare that started with the online harassment, and even when Twitter has made some efforts to solve it, these not only has been quite inefficient, but the situation got to the point in which the platform just made a u-turn in a new abuse tool that was rolled out on Monday.

Twitter´s CEO Jack Dorsey Announced The New Abuse Tool´s Removal

Apparently, this was a fix that was aimed to solve the harassment issue once and for all, but the thing was that this particular feature would ensure that users would not get notified when they are added to a certain list. Believe it or not, Twitter Safety wrote that this was because the company only wants users to get notifications that matter, and just as you can imagine, the protests started to rise against this incoherent new tool.

One of the first critical tweets against this feature explained that this was critical for users to know if they have been added to any list intended for targets, which seems as a really logical point of view that Twitter ignored for some reason. Also, the tweet said that this was blinding the vulnerable, and suggested that the proper way to approach is by allowing users to remove themselves from lists, or just do it upon blocking the owner. If this was harming enough for Twitter´s image, the worst was yet to come.

Although this was similar to some kind of virtual Harakiri, vice president of engineering at Twitter Ed Ho, confessed that the new abuse tool represented a misstep from the company, and said that it will reverse the change for good. In addition to this statement, Twitter´s CEO Jack Dorsey also made a brief appearance in this situation and told that the platform was definitely reverting a debugging the feature.

Twitter Keeps Showing A Concerning Inefficiency

Naturally, as anyone would expect, while there were some users that expressed their concerns over the new abuse tool, there were others that showed a lot of anger towards the platform´s decision, and there were many others that actually ridiculed Twitter for considering the change, and for not having found the way to fight against online abuse and harassment.

In any case, even when many would say that the silver lining in this particular event is that Twitter hears its users, the truth is that the platform is showing a really concerning inefficiency in solving a problem that has caused the social media network to lose a lot of users, to the point in which its distance with its main competitors is getting bigger and bigger.

Earlier this month, Twitter explained that it was launching some new features fix this issue for good, in order to make the platform safer for everyone. However, in addition to not finding the better way yet, the company harmed its reputation in the process after it was known that some of the changes were mainly focused on hiding the abusive content instead of removing it.

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