Kanye West Surprised Kim Kardashian With A Jaw-Dropping Valentine's Gift

Rumors have been circling social media for the past days about the famous couple Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. According to reports, Kim and Kanye's relationship is now "on the rocks" and because of this, there may be no Valentine's celebration for the famous couple this year.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Is Having A Marriage 'Crack-Up'

According to headlines, the famous mom of two, Kim Kardashian will be opting for a "solo" Valentine's celebration due to husband, Kanye West's disobedience and also because the famous couple is experiencing a marriage breakdown.

Articles have also stated that the famous couple have had a huge fight because Kanye kept on pushing Kim's buttons. As reports stated, Kim doesn't want Kanye to be stressed in doing so many things, however, Kanye just wouldn't do what she asks of him. Reports have also stated that because of Kanye's busy schedule, Kim beleives that husband Kanye wouldn't have time to prepare anything special for Valentine's.

Kanye's Awe-inspiring Gift For Wife Kim

Despite speculations and alleged rumors, famous rapper Kanye West and Kardashian Royalty Kim Kardashian did celebrate Valentine's Day together, a day before the grand reveal of Kanye's artistic creation in new York Fashion Week. According to sources, the famous couple had a fun-filled dinner in Carbone in New York City. The famous couple looked fashion-forward with Kim wearing an all black ensemble tube top paired with an oversized jacket and black maxi skirt. On the other hand, husband Kanye kept it simple with a black shirt, brown bomber jacket, denim pants and white tennis shoes.

According to E! News, despite Kanye's busy schedule, he was able to prepare an "exceptional" day for wife Kim. Earlier that day, Kim also posted a video on Snapchat showing a massive wall (from floor to ceiling) of white roses and orchids.

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