Why Kanye West Ditched The Grammys

During the prestigious Grammys Awards, it was evident that famous rapper Kanye West, who have six nominations wasn't able to attend. According to an interview conducted with Recording Academy president Neil Portnow, Kanye was also supposed to perform at the prestigious event, however, he declined the offer for according to the rapper-designer, he is not comfortable to do so at this point in time.

Kanye West's Absence Is Due To His Medical Condition

Grammys producer, Neil Portnow had been interviewed regarding the absence of famous stars in the prestigious event. One of them was rapper Kanye West and reality star wife, Kim Kardashian. According to Portnow, they were able to talk to Kanye's side and was advised that their absence is really more of Kanye not being comfortable to perform and just wanting to recover from his current medical condition. A statement has also been released by Kanye's mom-in-law stating that Kanye is just really busy for the preparation of his upcoming New York Fashion Week stint, Yeezy Season 5, which has always been a spectacle to watch.

Kanye West Is Recovering From A Medical Condition

During Kanye's ongoing tour last November 2016 at St. Pablo, famous rapper-designer was said to be rushed to the hospital and confined at the UCLA Hospital for ten days. According to reports, Kanye had to be rushed to the hospital due to mental breakdown, stress and exhaustion. It was also believed that Kanye and famous reality star wife, Kim had a huge fight before the tour for Kim wanted her husband, Kanye, to stay with her after her traumatic experience with a robber.
There have also been reports in the past months regarding West's condition. It was stated in a few reports that the famous rapper is actually suffering from memory loss.

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