Five Major Tips To For Honor Beginners

Players have set to carve a path of destruction but what about the path to illustrious video game success? In For Honor, nothing is more satiating than attaining victory with classic video game finesse by reading guides to avoid those mild inconveniences. Whether a beginner or an intermmediate player, these five important tips in For Honor may help.

Do The Advance Tutorial. At the start of the game, For Honor will force the players to do its first tutorial where they can get to try the basic keys and moves. This will let the players get a feel of the game and the basic factors that are at play during a conflict. After the first tutorial, the game won't jumpstart the second one but we suggest selecting "How to play" in the Main Menu then go to "Advance Tutorial." Not only will it give the player an extra 1500 Steel on top of the 2000 Steel in the the first tutorial.

Utilize Parrying. Parrying is a tool most For Honor players don't know how to do because it is located in the Advanced Tutorial which a lot of players miss. Although Parrying is difficult to master, it's a deadly tool when players do as it guarantees a follow-up when executed. It makes the opponent stagger and any move will connect and grabs will be unbreakable.

Equip Champion Status. After doing both tutorials in For Honor, players need to equip the Champion Status. Go to Social, select Group, then select Champion Status. For the price of 2000 Steel, a player can get multiplayer advantages such as 'more salvage from dismantling', +25 percent XP boost for yourself, exclusive champion emblems, more match loot, and a 10 percent boost for others.

Wait Before Opening Packs. Players can spend Steel to open packs where they can get new items for their characters. In Scavenge Gear, players will have the option to choose between four packs mainly Basic, Armor, Weapon, and Premium. It is suggested that players must aim to reach level 20 before opening a pack; this is where the Uncommon and Rare items will pop up as opposed to the Common items a player can get below that level.

Find The Hero For The Player. When a player start a game in For Honor, there are three heroes available at the beginning, which are the Vanguard Heroes, and nine others that the fans need to unlock for 500 Steel. 

For Honor is an action fighting game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and available now to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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