Melania Trump Announces That White House Visitation Resumes In March

After her absence for a few weeks during when Donald Trump started his presidency, the office of the First Lady Melania Trump seems to be starting to get its shape right. It has recently been announced that the White House will resume its tours by next month.

First Lady Melania Trump Announces That White House Tours Resume On March 7

It can be recalled that First Lady Melania Trump has been MIA (Missing In Action) during the first few weeks of her husband's reign as President of the United States of America. However, now that she has returned and has already named Lindsay Reynolds as her chief of staff, it looks like her office is finally doing well in the course of their adjustment. In line with this, Melania Trump recently announced in a statement last Tuesday that White House tours will already resume by March 7. The First Lady herself is excited to open the historical place to the public again and has rest assured that the sanctity of the place will remain as it has been all these years.

Melania Trump Assures To Continue Vegetable Garden Started By Former First Lady Michelle Obama

Despite her current actions now in the White House, Melania Trump is still not living there and chose to stay in New York City with her son until the school year ends. In the midst of reopening the White House for tours, she has assured that she will be preserving and continuing the vegetable garden that was planted by the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. This was confirmed by her spokesperson, saying that Melania has no intention in stopping what has already begun in the place. The vegetable garden was first planted by Michelle Obama back in 2009, which was part of her signature initiative that was designed to reduce childhood obesity. Thus, she promoted diet and exercise.

Melania Trump, on the other hand, has her initiative in taking on the problem of cyber bullying among the youth. This may hit close to her as she has been the receiving end of such malicious rumors ever since the campaign of her husband, Donald Trump. Now that they are already in the White House, rumors still come and go in the world of social media and she has all the interest in making it stop, especially for the youth of today.

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