'Apocalypse Now' Game Abandons Kickstarter and Creates A New Crowd-funding Platform

Last January, Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope revealed the 'Apocalypse Now' video game for all to see. It is a psychological survival horror RPG based on the 1979 movie of the same name, where players take control of Capt. Willard as he hunts down and tries to kill the renegade Colonel Kurtz during the Vietnam War. A lot of people from the gaming industry and community loved the idea of the movie having a game and as a result, they have pledged their support  for the upcoming video game.

What happened With Apocalypse Now video game

Since January, the developers went on to Kickstarter to get financial support from interested parties and from the gaming community. Originally, they planned to raise $900,000 to help in the game's development, unfortunately, after 3 weeks, they were only able to raise $173,599 from more than 2700 backers. With only 9 days left on their Kickstarter venture, it's doubtful that the company can reach their original goal.


As a result of the failed Kickstarter venture, the developers created their own crowdfunding site called Apocalypsenow.com where people can invest in the game. According to American Zoetrope, this change of strategy would provide a deeper connection to the team with the ongoing game development and will represent the team's long term plan to keep funding the project and to share the details of development to the gaming community.

With the new crowd-funding site up and running, their previous goal of $900,000 was raised to $5.9 million. Game Director Montgomery Markland explains that this is necessary so that they can create an authentic game that everyone wants to play and that they would make it a unique interactive experience.

Interested parties can invest in the crowd-funding site and in return, they would be able to access a premium version of the site that lets them talk directly with the developers, and would get a copy of the game. As of now, since the game is still roughly in development, the release date is tentatively set on the year 2020.

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