Overwatch Updates: Nendoroid Tracer Revealed

Overwatch was undoubtedly one of the biggest games to come out in 2016, and with an ever-growing franchise, collectors will want more merchandise featuring the game's beloved characters. Good news is, Good Smile Company has just revealed their upcoming Tracer figure, and it looks like a first of more incoming characters.

Nendoroid Tracer

The figure has been dubbed "Nendoroid Tracer: Classic Skin Edition" so it's possible that the company is planning on releasing her with several other outfits like Slipstream or T. Racer. The figure is currently up for pre-order for 4900 yen ($43 USD) on the official Good Smile website, and it's expected to be available this coming August.

Game Rant points out that the first company that got a deal with Blizzard to make Overwatch figures was Funko, the guys behind the incredibly popular Funko Pop! figure line. With Good Smile, however, the figures appear to have more detail and articulation as compared to Funko's brand of specialized bobble heads. It's only a matter of time before the company announces figures for Mei, D. va, or Widowmaker.

Though Nendoroid looks to focus more on anime figures, the company has been known to make video game and movie characters as well. The company has made several figures for Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. They have also made a Nendoroid Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

Doomfist On Overwatch

As for Overwatch, fans are currently waiting for the arrival of Doomfist, a new playable hero. The character was first hinted at in the Overwatch cinematic trailer, and Terry Crews ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") has been very vocal online that he wants to voice the incoming character. Will he get the job? Fans are just waiting for an official announcement from Blizzard.

Overwatch has amassed a community of over 25 million players and is currently playable for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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