NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Going To The Indiana Pacers? LA Lakers Trading Lou Williams? Will The Cavs Take Him?

It seems that the NBA trade rumors circling around Carmelo Anthony are taking a more realistic form. Apparently, the small forward wants to get out of New York and the Knicks seem to be making some moves to unload him. Anthony has been vocal as to what teams he wants to be traded with.

The Trade With The Indiana Pacers Will Be The Best Option

Some NBA trade rumors indicate that the trade option involving the Indiana Pacers might just be the one thing that will sway Anthony to make a decision. If the Knicks will agree on a trade deal with the Pacers, he and Paul George could be a formidable duo in the eastern conference. This could boost the chances of the Pacers in reaching the playoffs.

Anthony Can Also Play Power Forward

George has been reluctant to play power forward but Anthony has no qualms about stepping into the role. Therefore, acquiring Anthony will give the Pacers the opportunity of creating mismatches at the fourth spot. Certainly, a George-Anthony tandem will make the Pacers a team that will give the Cavs a run for their money in the eastern conference.

NBA Trade Rumors Say Lou Williams Being Traded By The Lakers

Meanwhile, on the western side of the NBA, some NBA trade rumors suggest that the LA Lakers are placing Lou Williams on the trading block. These rumors say that he is a top commodity as he is a very consistent player and the Laker's top scorer. In return, the Lakers are hoping to get a first-round pick from the other teams that will signify their interest in Williams.

Williams Is Just What LeBron James Needs

Some NBA trade rumors are saying that Williams is just what LeBron James is asking from his team. Williams is the kind of point guard that would make the Cavs improve their offense. However, the Cavs don't have the extra first round picks that they can offer in the trade. So it is likely that Williams will end up with another team other than the Cavaliers.

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