Pokemon Go Update: New Patch Updates The Game's UI

Niantic has confirmed the most awaited major update in Pokemon Go known as the Gen 2 patch. The upcoming update brings new set of Pokemon available in the wild. In addition, there are lots of changes made to the game such as avatar customization, new candies and evolution. Meanwhile, the biggest change prior to this update is in the game's user interface.

According to the report from Otakukart, the people from The Silph Road showed several screenshots of the changes made in the UI. As seen on the images, players will now see a gender marker on the right side of the health bar of a particular Pokemon. This is to identify the gender of the Pokemon. Aside from the gender marker, a dark outline of the evolution has also been added. This will let players know what the Pokemon will look like after it evolves.

On the other hand, Niantic has also made some tweaks in the UI when encountering Pokemon in the wild. Based on the report, the company has added a separate selector for Berries and PokeBalls in order for players to navigate and switch to either Berries or PokeBalls easily.

Lastly, the leaked images also showed a new 3-shop icon while catching Pokemon. Some suspect that it enables players to purchase something if they accidentally run out of PokeBalls or Berries while capturing Pokemon. By this new 3-shop button, it will reduce the possibility of losing the encountered Pokemon.

On other news, Niantic released a video trailer dedicated for the upcoming Pokemon Go Gen 2 patch that is expected to arrive sometime around next week. This new patch is expected to bring old players back. Furthermore, it seems like Niantic is slowly making Pokemon Go great again by slowly dropping these exciting updates. Pokemon Go is available for Android and iOS devices.


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