Mexican Mother Fears She Won’t Be With Her Kids Due To Detention And Possible Deportation

In line with President Donald Trump's fight against violence, crime and Illegal Immigrants, a family is now facing the threat of being separated from each other in view of incarceration and risk of expatriation.

Jeanette Vizguerra's Long Overdue Fight To Remain Beside Her Kids Is Now At Risk

Jeanette Vizguerra came to the United States more than 20 years ago. Her eldest daughter already has her own family and she is now living with her young kids. As a repeated practice, she needs to check in regularly with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE). However, because of President Donald Trump's order to broaden the responsibility and power of immigration agents, Jeanette's undocumented stay in the United States is facing a greater risk.

Initially,  Immigration and Customs Enforcement were tasked by former President Barack Obama to prioritize illegal immigrants who pose a grave threat to national security. However, because of the extended power given to ICE by President Trump, all undocumented immigrants which are said to be at 11 million in number is now facing deportation.

Vizguerra Came To America With Her Family To Find A "More Suitable" Way Of Life

Jeanette Vizguerra, who originally came from Mexico, went to the United States to find a "better" life. According to Jeanette, her husband had been kidnapped three times as a bus driver back in Mexico hence they decided to start a new life in the "Land Of Opportunities."
According to Jeanette, there have always been fear knowing that they are staying in the country illegally. However, she and her husband made sure that they both stay under the radar to prevent themselves from being imprisoned and lastly, deported back to their country.

Vizguerra, who has worked as a housekeeper, janitor and house painter spent the last three and a half years to appeal her stay in the country and be with her beloved family.

ICE Gives Its Decision Regarding Visguerra's Case

Despite Vizguerra's numerous appeals, ICE have released their decision regarding Vizguerra's Case. According to the letter, Jeanette Vizguerra-Ramirez have had two misdemeanor cases. As the letter stated, Vizguerra had been issued by federal immigration judge a final deportation order to Mexico last November 2011 hence they are denying Jeanette's appeal.

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