Overwatch Event News: Fans Complaining About Loot Box Drop Rate

Most players for Blizzard Overwatch love loot boxes. Collective every single cosmetic and having cool new skins are one of the things that keeps players hooked to the game, especially Loot boxes during special events as they have very desirable items. However, players do not often get what they want from these special boxes.

During the recent Lunar New Year event, some gamers did not get any new skins. This led them to believe that the drop rates for rare skins have been lowered. However, Jeff Kaplan on the official forums stated that the drop rates for the Loot Boxes has not changed at all.

Kaplan explained that the drop rates for Halloween Terror, Summer Games, Winter Wonderland and Year of the Rooster were all the same. So if gamers did not get the Zenyatta skin or Legendary Winston skin then it is tough luck for the players. It does not mean that drop rates have changed, as reported by GamingBolt.

Some players are not complaining about the rate of item drop. They are ranting about the quality of the items that they got. During the Winter Wonderland event, gamers were upset with Mei’s new Legendary, which is the highest level of rarity. They say that the item was not worthy to be labeled as a Legendary. Kaplan has apologized and said that the company will take this feedback and will look into the matter further.

With the Lunar New Year event just recently concluded, Blizzard gave no news on when the next big event is going to be. Blizzard has been testing out the server browser and custom games. Recently, there were some balance changes that have been introduced to the test servers. And although there was no confirmation yet, rumors have it that the next playable character will be Doomfist, as published by GameSpot.

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