‘Grey's Anatomy' Showrunners Share Inspiration For New Legal Drama 'Doubt', Says Katherine Heigl Was Perfect For It

The newest legal drama called “Doubt” starring Katherine Heigl has just kicked off this week. The showrunners of the highly acclaimed series, “Grey’s Anatomy” are also the ones behind the making of this new legal drama series. They have gone on an interview talking about how “Doubt” came into and how it is to work with Heigl again.

After doing a medical procedural drama series with “Grey’s Anatomy”, showrunners Tony Phelan and Joan Rater has moved on to make a new drama in a whole new different field—a story that is cloaked with legal jargon and more. Phelan admitted that they wanted to make their own show and they wanted to move away from anything medical so they turned to law. Rater elaborated that they wanted to create a new series that was still procedural but still a story that talks about the personal lives of the characters.

They shared that working on “Grey’s Anatomy” especially with all the countless characters have given them tons of storylines to work with but with the new legal drama, “Doubt”, they delved into the relationship between a client and their legal counsel. They pushed through with the drama after they thought about the 9/11 incident wherein there has been a lot of shows being aired about prosecutors catching the bad guys and they were intrigued when they tried to see it on the other side of the coin. They wanted to delve into the situation of having to look for someone to reach out to when one is accused of a crime and they see that as a fresh ground for a story.

“Doubt” premiered on CBS on Feb. 15 and it starred Katherine Heigl, who once worked with Phelan and Rater on “Grey’s Anatomy”. They confessed that they wanted Heigl for the role and when they heard she was available, they instantly jumped on that opportunity to cast her. They had this sort of epiphany, realizing that the main character they have been writing was made for Heigl. They said Heigl is funny, smart, vulnerable, and relatable that she perfectly fits the role.

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