Get To Know More About The Upcoming Game 'Prey'

"Prey" is an upcoming game, which is set in an alternate future in the year 2032 where John F. Kennedy wasn't assassinated, and where the United States of America and Russia joined together to explore space. Players will take control of Morgan Yu, and can choose for the character to be either male or female, as they work for a company called TranStar in San Francisco. The company owns a space station named Talos I, and this is where the whole story of the game plays out.

About Prey

Techradar was able to try out the demo of the game and as reported, Morgan was about to be assigned to Talos I, so he was subjected to psychological tests and afterwards, an alien race called the Typhon attacks the TranStar employees. As a result, the security detail was called in to action, thus accidentally knocking out Morgan with gas.

Upon waking up, the character finds out that he's already actually on Talos I, not in San Francisco, and that everyone in the station is dead. Although the player is alone, he is eventually accompanied by an AI named January to guide him.

What The Game Offers

In the demo, it is also revealed that players have the ability to scavenge for useful materials around them like weapons, but have to take note that there is a limit as to what the character can carry. Other than weapons, players can also upgrade their abilities, which are branched out into three categories namely, Scientist, Engineer and Security.

The Scientist branch allows players to improve the character's scientific skills, the Engineer branch would allow the player to repair anything like control panels or lifts. Lastly, the Security branch would improve health and combat skills.

Mimics And Nightmare

According to Gamespot, the character will be fighting against the Typhon, and is commonly referred to as Mimics. These Mimics are spider like creature that attack full frontal when in numbers, but when caught alone, would shape shift into anything surrounding the player like trash bins, plants, or chairs.

The worrying thing about it is that when Mimics shape shift, they cannot be distinguished from the real thing, making sure that the player is alert at all times as these aliens can pop out of nowhere. Another alien the player would encounter is the Nightmare, a creature that is specifically designed to hunt the player. According to Prey Lead Designer, Ricardo Bare, it is a gigantic creature and when the Nightmare shows up, players hear a loud roar.

Two Ways To Play The Game

Traditionally, players can shoot their way through the alien menace, but the developers made the game in such a manner that there are other ways to play the game. Bare also mentioned that players do not have to fight, although there are instances where there is no other choice but to do so, but still, players can go with stealth to get through. He goes on to say that, Prey is a game with stealth.

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