Pokémon GO: Gen 2 Release Date Leaked By Sprint

The long wait is finally over as Game Freak officially announced the release of Gen 2 in their critically acclaimed mobile app, Pokémon GO. For months now, the immensely popular location-based augmented reality game has been saturated with talks about the game being stale due to the lack of new contents. But now, it seems that Game Freak is fully prepared to release the most awaited update in the game, the Gen 2 updates and mechanics! 

Pokémon GO: Gen 2 Released Today

Sprint, an American telecommunications company has leaked the release date of Pokémon GO's Gen 2 update in their latest promo ads. As reported by BusinessWire, Sprint invites trainers nationwide in celebrating the release of 80+ new Pokémon in the grand "Lure-A-Thon" event which is set to commence starting today, February 17th.

The 80+ Pokémon is just one of the upcoming contents for the Gen 2 update in Pokémon GO which basically means that the courier has just tipped off the release date of the update. The event is said to transform 10,000+ Sprint stores into PokéStops and Gyms. To view more info about Sprint's event, click here.

Meanwhile, for those that didn't know, here are the upcoming contents that will be released on the Gen 2 update according to The SilphRoad:

Avatar Customization - Players can now customize their very own avatars in Niantic's brand new avatar customization system. The system will enable players to customize their avatar's skin, shirt, pants, Hat, Shoes, Gloves, etc. to their own liking.

Key Items (Evolution Items) - Full support has been added for these specific evolution items: Sun Stone, Kings Rock, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, Upgrade.

Shiny Status - More and more shiny codes are being introduced into the system file, according to the The SilphRoad dataminers. Although this is great news for everyone, this may also that not all Pokémon will be given their own shiny variant upon the release of the update.

Wild Encounter Movements - Niantic is updating the movement interaction of Pokémon encountered in the wild. Gen 2 will now provide several movement types aside from the usual 'wait,' 'jump,' and 'attack.' Here are some of the new movements: Electricmovementstate, Psychicmovementstate, Flyingmovementstate.

New Music - The game's background music and sound effects are receiving an update as well. There will be a separate music for either Night and Day scenario! Furthermore, new music for encountering wild Pokémon will also be provided.

New Events - There will be a new event that will come to the game file. According to the dataminers, the new event is called Anniversary event. It's still unknown what and how Niantic is going to celebrate this type of event.

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