Sarcos Builds Robot Snakes And 'Edge of Tomorrow'-like Exo Suits

A robotics company has developed some devices that will help humans accomplish tasks that would normally be difficult to achieve. Those devices include a robot snake, an exo-suit and robotic arms.

Sarcos Robotics is in the process of developing and manufacturing a trio of innovative machines that may change the course of espionage, warfare and rescue missions. The devices include a robotic snake that can get into hard-to-reach places, an exoskeleton suit that looks like the one Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt wore in "Edge of Tomorrow," and huge robotic arms that give normal people a little bit of extra strength.

The robotic snake is officially known as the Guardian S. The Multi-Dimensional Mobility Robot or MDMR was first unveiled in 2015 and is expected to be finally launched late this year. The Guardian S is a snake-like machine that has a unique locomotion that allows it to move through different kinds of terrain including rubble. This feature makes it an invaluable piece of machine for search and rescue operations. Its small size also allows it to safely approach danger zones in military and reconnaissance missions preventing soldiers from being harmed.

The Guardian GT is worn on the arm and is mounted onto a moving platform. It provides the user additional strength to lift up to 1,000 pounds making it useful in construction work and other tasks that require a lot of heavy lifting. The Guardian XOS, meanwhile, was originally made for the American soldier much like the ones in Cruise's futuristic movie. Reports say that despite its rather bulky appearance, the Guardian XOS does not impede one's agility.

According to Inverse, Sarcos Robotics is one of the most veteran robotic companies around as it was founded in 1983. Sarcos is not the only company making some noise in the field of robotics recently. Just this month popular motorcycle maker Piaggo unveiled Gita, a robotic cargo vehicle. Gita can carry around 40 pounds of weight and will follow its owner wherever he or she goes. They can also command the 26-inch circular robot to go to specified places. Even FedEx has plans to utilize robots in its operations. It is thinking about having robot mailmen bring packages from self-driving trucks to the recipient's doorstep and vice versa.

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