'Crash Bandicoot Trilogy' Update: Release Date Confirmed!

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 22, 2017 05:39 PM EST

PlayStation's favorite marsupial mascot is finally back in full HD glory. Players will be able to collect wumpa fruits again starting June 30. According to the PlayStation blog post, instead of a remake, the developers of the game Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy considers it as an AAA remaster due to the fact the game was so loved and lots of effort was made into the creation of the PlayStation 4 remastered version. The game's creators also called the game as a remaster plus because a lot of new features have also been added to make the most of the current hardware.

Crash Bandicoot Soundtrack Remade To Match Game's HD Visuals

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane's soundtrack was not remastered but instead, it was remade. The game's original soundtrack compositions were arranged based on what the PlayStation One was capable of. With the PlayStation 4 being much more powerful, the Crash Bandicoot team decided to recreate everything to match the amazing HD visuals of the game.

For those Crash Bandicoot fans that were asking why did it take so long to announce the release date, Kara Massie, the producer of the game said: "To Torture you! No, seriously, from our point of view, it's about being confident in a schedule that allows us to deliver on the quality of games we all want. We had to ensure everything's aligned to deliver it smoothly. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to know these things." 

Crash Bandicoot Series' N.Sane Trilogy Features Collections Of Remakes Across First Three Games

The N.Sane Trilogy is a collection of remakes of the first three games in the famous Crash Bandicoot series. Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back and Warped which all see the mascot marsupial Crash Bandicoot venturing through various levels in order to defeat the evil Dr. Neo Cortex. Like the previous games, Crash uses spinning and awesome jumping techniques to banish enemies, destroy crate, and collect various items such as Wumpa Fruits, extra lives, and the Aku-Aku masks. The trilogy offers new features across all three games, including checkpoints, pause menu and saves systems.

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