Path Of Exile Update: POE Announces New Expansion

According to the Path of Exile's Lead programmer, Jonathan Rogers, Avarius might be the fifth or sixth boss of Path of Exile's new expansion, along with other 24 bosses. The new expansion is entitled, The Fall of Oriath, wherein all the in-game bosses will be gods. Along with the expansion is an all-new feature called the Pantheon system in which players will slay their way through the gods and demigods of Path of Exile. New buffs will be earned from each opponent, which can be used in the Pantheon menu that serves as a mural for all the gods who are slain in the game.

The Fall of Oriath was designed to please Path of Exile's hardcore fanbase. The previous update, Atlas of Worlds, emphasizes the end-game of Path of Exile, while the Fall of Oriath focuses on the game's main campaign by doubling its rich storyline. The new expansion will add Act 5 which was set in entirely new areas along with the Acts 6-10 in which players will be brought back to the places they had visited in Acts 1-4 with new paths, stories, and powerful bosses.

The 5th act will serve as the final chapter of the game, which means to say that the players would have to play through the entire game again in the New game.

This announcement about the new expansion of the game excites the Path of Exiles fans on their new journey through the land of Oriath. Good reviews and feedbacks were heard about this new expansion due to the fact that the update will make the game more massive and re-playable.

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