Kendall Jenner And Sisters Gigi And Bella Hadid Took Their Top-Tiered Fashion Style To The Streets

Famous Victoria's Secret runway stars/friends, Kendall Jenner and sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid is prominent for their street style. Now, they showed that they can take their runway looks to the streets as well by stepping out all dressed up after they strutted their stuff at the "Anna Sui" runway show.

BFF's Kendall, Gigi And Bella Took Their Top Bun, All-Made Up Look To The Streets Of New York

After the Anna Sui runway show, famous runway trio were spotted walking the streets of New York with still top-knot buns and "Spice Girl" look-a-like makeup. Kendall was seen wearing a bun with her newly shopped hair. She then paired it with an oversizedjacket and jeans. Bella, on the other hand, was seen wearing a top knot bun paired with red and black striped shirt and her knee-high boots while elder sister Gigi wore her bun paired with an all-black ensemble.

Bella Hadid also posted images on her Twitter timeline of her and sister, Bella channeling their Inner Spice Girl with the dark make up and top knot buns.

Kendall Jenner And Bella Hadid Speculated To Be In A Competition On Who Can Lose Weight More

Besides the glitz and glam of the Fashion industry, reports were also circling the media regarding Bella and Kendall's alleged competition on who can lose weight more. According to an article written in a tabloid, Kendall and Bella are in a so-called contest to see who can have the least intake of food and "show more ribs." The magazine's controversial source also stated that both models were already way below their ideal weight. The source also added that Bella, who loves to have pizza would just be posting pictures of herself pretending to take a bite but would just hold it for picture sake and that Kendall is also doing the same thing. The questionable source also claimed that both gorgeous girls are a "pain to look at."

After the reports came out, a reliable source claimed that both Bella and Kendall are in no contest to see who could lose weight more and that the headlines are simply "untrue."

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