BMW Recalling 19,000 i3 REx Plug-In Hybrids For Fire Risk

BMW i3 model is a small and striking electric car and it is considered as one of the most desirable EVs you can buy. This is because of the unit's engine refresh that will surely take your trip further than before. This BMW model car has been around for a few years now, but the firm intends to keep it on sale for a little longer time. In fact, it's just been updated with new battery technology in order to sustain its competitiveness against rivals such as the forthcoming Tesla Model 3.

BMW Recalling 19,000 i3 REx Plug-In Hybrids

According to The Washington Post, BWM is recalling more than 19,000 i3 REx plug-in hybrids, particularly in the U.S. This discharge is because the unit could develop a fuel vapor leak that would develop the risk of a fire.  BMW said that a fuel tank vent line may rub toward the sleeve of the battery cable and that can cause a hole overt time that may lead for vapor to leak.

All the cars produced between March 2014 and December 2016 are said to be affected by this recall. BMW assured the owners of the i3 REx Plug-In Hybrids that there are still no fires or accidents related to the problem, which was discovered by a dealer. The company will surely notify all users of the car unit and replace the fuel vent line with no extra cost or charge. The recall on this BMW model is expected to begin in April this year.

Quick Review On The BMW i3

As described by The Week, BMW's i3 is a small and striking electric car and it is one of the most desirable EVs that you can buy. Just like the bigger i8 model, the BMW i3's overall shape strongly matches the concept car from which it really came from. The overall proportions of the car are tall and narrow compared to low and hunched like families of hatchbacks. Heading towards the rear view of the this BMW car, the window line curves and veers over the small rear door that opens backward for easier access.


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