'Dance Moms' Season 7B: Chloe And Clara Lukasiak Join Erin Babbs To Compete Against The ALDC?

The return of Chloe Lukasiak on "Dance Moms" may not be for the ALDC after all. In a recent post of her mom, Christi, on social media, she could have possibly teased on whose team Chloe is competing for. The photo reveals that she might be working for Erin Babbs together with her younger sister, Clara.

The photo posted by Christi on Facebook and Instagram has created a frenzy among the fans as thousands of them immediately reacted to the huge revelation. In the photo, it can be seen that Chloe and her sister Clara are posing for a shot with coach Erin of the MDP. Fans were fast to share their opinion, but it all comes down to the conclusion that the Lukasiak sisters will go against the ALDC dancers.

 Never say never....#DanceMomsOG

A post shared by Christi Lukasiak (@christilukasiak) on Feb 16, 2017 at 3:11pm PST

It can be recalled that the preview for the season finale of "Dance Moms" season 7 revealed Chloe's return to the show. However, it was never confirmed if she will actually rejoin her former team. As patches of the incident were only flashed, fans then hoped that Chloe will be back as a Junior Elite and attract more fans to re-follow the series.

The photo then surprised everyone following the show as it apparently turns out that Chloe is already with another team. Some fans theorize that the preview meant Chloe announcing her return, but was asking for approval of her decision to join the MDP as a sign of her respect for her former team. This might also be the reason behind Abby Lee Miller's odd reaction as seen from the clip after Chloe and Christi appeared before the ALDC. As it can be recalled, the MDP is one of the greatest opponents of the ALDC on dance competitions, making fans believe that Chloe's addition to the former broke Abby's heart.

Another face of the story says Chloe's decision to join another team came after she announced her intention to compete again. Some fans believe that Abby rejected her, and Erin was quick to pick her up. Avid fans of the show know very well that Abby and Chloe's relationship has never been as sweet as what the coach shared with another former ALDC dancer, Maddie Ziegler. There were even countless rumors that Chloe has been joining competitions and shows after "Dance Moms" so she can prove Abby that she is better off without her.

The mother-daughter tandem though is keeping mum about the truth behind the photo, but fans are already firm with their assumption. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Lukasiaks will be seen on the two-part midseason finale of "Dance Moms" before they return in all episodes of season 7B. The finale will start next week, Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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