Texas Couple Prayed For 953 Days; Now Wife Is Pregnant With Twins

A Texas couple, Walker and Garyt, have made a Facebook post accompanied with a unique photo that tells the two-year story of how they waited for a baby. The 28-year-old wife and 29-year-old husband are no longer waiting for any baby today, because Walker is pregnant with twins which are due to arrive in August. And they have chosen to tell their story to the world as an act of gratitude to God and to encourage other couples waiting for their own babies.

We prayed for 953 days and had 452 injections

Walker, a yoga instructor, explained in her Facebook post that "We prayed for 953 days...452 Needles, 1000's of tears, 1 corrective surgery, 4 clomid/letrozole attempts, 2 IVF rounds, 3 failed transfers and & 1 Amazing GOD." The couple who started dating way back in high school said they were aware there were fertility issues the moment they settled to have a family. Now their uniquely-designed photo and Facebook post have gone viral with thousands of comments and reactions.

Narrating her experience, Walker said she registered at the Houston Fertility Institute where she underwent several IVF treatments, ABC News reports. She suffered several miscarriages after embryos were planted in her, and took drug injections like no one ever did in both families. The couple spent about $30,000 on treatments over the two-year period because they were informed of being pregnant with twins.

Introducing Duke and Diana Walker

They couple said they are naming their twin babies Duke and Diana Walker. They said the twins will be the first grandchildren to be had in both families, and they also can't wait to introduce them to their six-year old dog, Fenway. They said they are grateful to God for the coming babies, and appreciate the joys and lessons of having to wait for their conception, Today wrote.

In explaining her unique Facebook photo which is a shot of drug vials and hundreds of syringes surrounding two baby wears, Walker said the photo is representative of her personal, emotional, and financial struggles. "There was a lot of pain, hope and fear behind each of these needles. Each one represented a different day, a different path, a different emotion. It's a lot to take in," she said. She added that God chose this path for her, and she's honored that God must think highly of them to grant them twin babies.

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