NFL Trade Rumors: Jaguars To Trade Julius Thomas With Branden Albert

Branden Albert was almost released by the Miami Dolphins before making a last-minute decision not to on Thursday, Feb 16. However, with the NFL trade officially starting on March 9, there are reports that the team is looking for teams which might be a possible landing spot for the veteran player. NFL trade rumors identified Jacksonville Jaguars as a potential primary destination for Albert.

According to Bleacher Report, it is hard to imagine that Albert would still be with the Dolphins after a lackluster performance in 2016 and a trade is the best possible exit. The Jaguars currently have openings for a left tackle and left guard positions. Mike Kaye of First Coast News said Albert is the best fit for both positions.

He explained that Albert is at least a mid-tier left tackle but he could be a good upgrade for the Jaguars playing as a guard. The veteran would be able to improve pass blocking and run blocking of the team. Albert previously played guard at the University of Virginia.

Meanwhile, there are also NFL trade rumors that the deal with Dolphins' Branden Albert would include Jaguars' Julius Thomas. The player to player trade seems possible if the Jaguars decide on rebuilding their offense. "The Jaguars offense didn't cater to Thomas' strengths during his first two seasons in Jacksonville. He is not a five-yard out route runner. It is easy to see why he has been a disappointment here," Kaye said.

However, the trade is bound to have some problems. The two players are at different points of their careers. Thomas, 27 has a cap hit of $8.3 million while Albert, 32 has $10.6 million. Both teams have a lot of time to work that out. Kaye added that the NFL trade rumors about Albert and Branden makes sense for both teams but Miami is at the better end of the deal. The Jaguars have to find additions to their offense.

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