‘Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2 Episode 16 Spoilers: Doomworld, Captain Cold Returns!

The latest episode of “Legends Of Tomorrow” and “The Flash” weren’t aired this week due to creative reasons. However, Season 2 Episode 16 of “Legends Of Tomorrow” will show the return of Captain Cold.

Welcome Back, Captain Cold!

Okay, this might be confusing to others but yes, Captain Cold is returning. There is still no explanation on how Captain Cold survive the blast that he created during season 1. Remember when he blew the entire “space station” and it was shown that he was included in the explosion? Apparently, he survived and staged his death.

“Legends of Tomorrow” started teasing the return of Captain Cold since episode 8 of Season 2. On that specific episode, Mick saw Captain Cold alive. Mick tried to snap back in his senses and drank a few beer as he thought he was hallucinating. Then Captain Cold disappeared again without a trace. Why is Captain Cold back? How did he survive the blast? Who helped him in the explosion?

The Spear Of Destiny

Wentworth Miller then told Entertainment Weekly about his character. He stated that the old Captain Cold is gone and the new Captain Cold is straight up villain. Fans suggested that after the blast, Captain Cold might have been revived by the Legion of Doom. Eobard Thawne will also share the spotlight in this episode. Apparently, he has some plan with the Spear of Destiny. As noted, Eobard was with The Flash in season 2 finale and he somehow escapes the Flashpoint.

He now needs to get hold of the spear for him to exist or suffer the consequences that will put his life in danger. Another credible magazine stated that somebody is trying to hunt down Eobard Thawne. It was identified that Black Flash is tracking down his timeline and will attack as soon as Eobard is off guard.

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