Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Eeveelution! Here's How You Evolve Your Eevee

Pokemon GO's latest update finally welcomed the Generation 2 Pokemons in the roster. With more critters to catch, the increasing problems of evolution also arise. One certain species that most of the Pokemon Players can think of is Eevee.

Pokemon Go Eeveelution: How To Evolve Eevee To Umbreon and Espeon.

Umbreon and Espeon are two of the most beloved evolutions of Eevee. These Pokemons were first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and have been a favorite by trainers since then.

To evolve a player's Eevee to Umbreon or Espeon, a Pokemon trainer must need to accomplish these simple tasks. Before the evolution process, players need to change the name of their Eevee to either "Sakura", for Espeon, or "Tamao", for Umbreon.

However, Tech Times added that players should save the game first by exiting the app and making sure that 'Pokemon GO' servers register the name change. Only then you can use a total of 25 candies to evolve your Eevee into an Umbreon or Espeon.

Aside from this, take note that the change will only work once for each of the names. So it is recommended that each player should pick their strongest Eevee before evolving them.

More Eeveelutions

The same process applies to other Eeveelutions. Players who are also interested in evolving their Eevees to Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon can do so, by doing the same thing.

To evolve your Eevee to Vaporeon, players have to change their Pokemon's name to "Rainer". For Jolteon, players need to rename their Eevee to "Sparky". And lastly, to evolve into a Flareon, change the name of Eevee to "Pyro."

According to Polygon, this method of renaming Pokemons to evolve into a particular Pokemon was derived from the anime 'Pokemon'.

'Pokemon GO' is now available on all IOS and Android devices worldwide.

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