New 'Overwatch' Game Modes You Might Want To Play: Check It Out Here

'Overwatch' players are ecstatic, as Custom Game modes are arriving at the game's Public Test Region or PTR. A lot of players have been creating their own game modes, and trying out fun and exciting ways to make the game more interesting.

Overwatch Game Modes Are Making The Game More Exciting

'Overwatch' PTR is packed with new custom game options. Kotaku shares that these new options are allowing the players to remove cooldowns, ban heroes, boost movement speed, change team sizes, and much more. Thus letting the players explore other possibilities in terms of combat and play.

Two fans from Overwatch Central suggested two game modes that players might want to try and play. The first mode is called "Shadow of Winston". In this option, the mode should be set to Elimination. Two teams will fight each other in a selected location. Players may choose from the maps available, such as Oasis, Ilios, Lijiang, Nepal, or Ecopoint. Team A will be composed of Winston only, while Team B will be composed of four to six heroes that the player can select. The fans suggested to remove Mei, the tanks, Pharah, and other heroes who can stun, mitigate, and out-heal Winston's damage. Team A (Winston) should be able to kill everyone in Team B, while Team B should be able to kill Winston.

The second one is called "Reinhardt Rumble". In this option, the game mode should be set to control, team size should be 6v6, maps is set to control, and all heroes should be Reinhardt. Hero adjustments include Cooldown on Charge Lowered, Firestrike Increased, and Earthshatter increase. Also, adjust the hero's health to a lower level, increase speed and projectile speed. The win condition for this mode is set to normal control.

Other fans have suggested more game modes and they can check it out here.

'Overwatch' is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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