Left 4 Dead Writer, Erik Wolpaw, Bids Goodbye To Valve

Who does not know the awesome game Half-Life, the zombie horror shooting game Left 4 Dead, and the brain wrecking game Portal? A sad news came recently as a twitter post from the writer of these games, Erik Wolpaw broke out on the internet stating that he had already separated with Valve. Erik Wolpaw, the long time writer of Valve revealed recently that he is no longer working with the company. Marc Laidlaw, a former Valve writer was the first one to slip the news on Twitter and Erik Wolpaw confirmed the news through a status update on his Facebook page.

For those who do not know who Wolpaw is, Erik Wolpaw was part of Valve since 2004. He was the main man behind the creation of popular valve games like Half-Life: Episode One and Two, Left 4 Dead, Portal 1 and 2. Prior to Valve, he was part of Double-Fine, where he was the co-writer of the outstanding platform-adventure game Psychonauts. Before that, Wolpaw was also the man behind the brilliant gaming site called Old Man Murray. Currently, Erik Wolpaw is involved in the development of Psychonauts 2, which was successfully crowd-funded early 2016.

The main reason for Erik Wolpaw's reason for leaving Valve still remains a mystery. A report that Wolpaw left Valve was also heard last summer, but that rumor turned out to be a hoax and he just called in sick for that day. This news was very saddening for the fans of Wolpaw's games due to the fact that the games had a really big part to some players' awesome childhood but since the announcement seems to be unclear, fans are still hoping that Wolpaw will still be a part of Valve.

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