BMW Prepares Limited Lightweight M2 Exclusively For US Market

The U.S. auto market has a reason to rejoice as BMW is preparing limited edition lightweight M2s exclusively for North America. Accordingly, the Limited Lightweight M2s will be made specifically for enthusiasts. Here are the details for the upcoming BMW M2.

The Upcoming Lightweight M2

According to Car and Driver, the upcoming lightweight M2 will be dubbed M Performance Edition. It is basically the same as the regular M2 but as the name suggests, it will be much lighter. Apparently, many of the features in it, including those from the convenience, have been removed. Accordingly, there will only be 150 units of the BMW M2 M Performance Edition and the first half will be matted with a six-speed manual transmission while the other half will be paired with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox, as reported.

How It Would Look Like

As of now, there are no images for the upcoming BMW M2 M Performance yet. However, BMW has revealed that several visual changes have been made including a black trim for the mirror caps, side gills and kidney grilles. In addition, the BMW M2 M Performance will also receive titanium exhaust tips as reported. The Interior features illuminated doorsills along with a special LED projection lamp that shows the name of the Performance edition on the ground upon unlocking the doors.

The Performance Goodies

Reports state that the BMW M2 Performance version will be equipped with M Performance coil-over suspension along with the M Performance exhaust system. In addition, the BMW M2 M Performance will also receive the M Driver's package that increases the range of the M2's top speed from 155 to 168 miles per hour.

Expected Price And Arrival

Reports state that the BMW M2 M Performance is expected to have a price tag of $61,695. No exact date has been announced regarding its arrival to the North American shores. BMW however, has mentioned that the M2 M Performance will arrive soon. BMW fans and enthusiasts will simply just have to wait for now.

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