‘Archer’ Season 8 Trailer Is Here! Series Will Have ‘Dreamland’ Theme

It is going to be a different theme yet again for "Archer," and it's going to be retro. Season 7 is subtitled "Dreamland," and it is going to be set in the 1940s. The new season will re-imagine the characters in somewhat new roles.

Season 8 Is Presumably Going To Be Sterling's Dreamland

We have been treated to a series of promos in the past months, and finally, the first official trailer for Season 8 has been released. Some fans of the show thought that Sterling met his end in Season 7 when he was seen face down in a pool, looking like he's dead, Entertainment Weekly said. So it is assumed, based on the title, that the upcoming season will literally be Sterling's dreamland while he is in a coma.

According to TV Line, "Archer" will presumably turn the clock for Season 8. In the upcoming season, Sterling will be a private eye who is on the hunt for the murder of his former partner, Woodhouse. On the other hand, Malory is not his supervisor, but instead the "the biggest mobster in L.A." Meanwhile, Lana is a nightclub performer and love interest, while Cyril is a detective and Cheryl is a client.

'Archer' Will End After Season 10, Series Creator Confirmed

"Archer" Season 8 will premiere on April 5. Also, it has been previously confirmed that the show will end after Season 10. Series creator Adam Reed said that he was going to end the show after Season 8, but he said he had sort of a "brain explosion" and that he could do three more seasons.

Reed added that the three seasons left keep his interest up. "So the three seasons that are coming up are gonna be pretty different from what has come before, and they're gonna be different from each other," he shared.

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