Despite Speculations, Selena Conveys A Reticent Shout-Out For The Weeknd's Birthday

Selena Gomez, who was rumored earlier on planning to buy a new set of wheels turned social media on fire by just a click of the mouse.

Selena Making Headlines By Merely "Liking" The Weeknd's Post

Selena and The Weeknd, who haven't given any claims of them being together have yet again kept it low in keeping their relationship away from the public's eyes.
"27 Celebrating all year and partying every night all over the world starting with Sweden," The Weeknd, who have just turned 27 posted on his social media account. Then fans went head over heels after the famous pop star and Abel's girlfriend, Selena Gomez liked his post.
Reports have also surfaced that the 24 year old, Selena took a massive tab for Abel's Birthday party. Unfortunately, Selena couldn't attend the said party for she is currently in New York for the New York Fashion Week.

Selena And The Weeknd Are Buying A "Love Nest"

According to reputable sources, Selena is now set to take her relationship with Abel to the next altitude for she has already plans on buying themselves a house for two.

The source also stated that the couple is looking in Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Malibu. She is also eyeing a place with a big backyard where both The weeknd and her can host get-togethers with friends, and she'd love a pool so she can go skinny-dipping with Abel." source stated.

Justin Bieber Getting The Hardest Hit

On the other hand, Justin seems to be taking a hard blow for the famous pop star posted a video on Instagram live stating that The Weeknd's song "Starboy" is his current favorite song. Justin then went on to chortle and ended the video stating that his statement was just "too funny."

Despite Bieber's trolling, the new "couple" doesn't seem to mind for Abel is reportedly organizing a trip to his hometown Canada, with Selena.

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