'Green Riding Hood' Is Apple's Free App Of The Week

Since 2012 each week, Apple consistently posts App of the Week in its iOS App Store. Now, the Cupertino tech company is very glad to announce that the next app to be free is the interactive storybook "Green Riding Hood." For the very first time the fairytale Green Riding Hood will be available on the App Store absolutely free of charge from February 16 to 23.

Green Riding Hood: Apple's Free App Of The Week

As reported by MacRumors, Apple is currently promoting an interactive children's storybook entitled Green Riding Hood as its Free App of the Week on App Store. The app by Bobaka introduces children of ages 5 and below to a healthy lifestyle in a bright spin-off of the original fairytale. The story of the so-called "organic fairytale" revolves around daily life in the rural area as well as the escapades of a little girl, her grandma, animal friends and a hungry wolf.

"Recasting Grandma as an herbal tea-sipping yoga teacher is just one of the fun ways this gorgeous storybook encourages kids to develop healthy habits," said the Apple's App Store editors. Aside from the friendly narrative elements and cookbook from grandma, Green Riding Hood also features a series of mini-games that keep the kids engaged. Apple also adds a voiceover Scottish actor Alistair Findlay and narration in the acclaimed Nighty Night HD line of kids' apps.

Apple Requirements For Green Riding Hood

According to WCCFTech, the Green Riding Hood app requires iOS 7 and is compatible to work with both Apple iPhone and iPad. Remember that the game is free for an extremely limited period of time, for just a week to be exact. As soon as next Thursday, the free app will return to its original price tag of $2.99. Therefore, do not miss this very greet opportunity to bag up this enjoyable little title.


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