Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Free Update Will Feature Movie-Themed Costumes

Halfway through February, a few additional details regarding the free Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC pack have surfaced. Fans are already aware that Champa and Vados are included in the second paid DLC pack together with the new story scenario. It is the first time that the second free DLC pack will be announced, and it should please players of Xenoverse.

A video from Dragon Ball fan Rhymestyle indicated that the free DLC update will be mostly composed of movie-themed costumes. These costumes are inspired from the movie characters such as Bojack's crew, Android 15, and Cooler. There are no details about the release date of the movie yet but its developers insisted that it will be coming out within the month, according to The Bit Bag.

Although it is not as intriguing like the first free Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC, the upcoming pack is still promising. The costumes however might not be preferred, particularly Android 15's, however, the new attacks should make up for it. Additionally, players have the option to mix and match the clothes, therefore these new options might also look good on others.

It is bizarre however since Bojack's crew was exhibited off in the scan and the character's suit was also shown off. This could also mean that he will become a playable character, but as of now, it is still too early to declare that this is the case. DLC characters that are planned for the third pack of the game includes Super Saiyan Rose, Zamasu, Goku Black, and SSGSS Vegito.

Since there is no identified release date yet for the free Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC, it has become bothersome for some. However, fans can look forward to two more DLC packs including free updates that come with each paid pack.


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