Donald Trump Suffering From NPD, Cabin Fever

Every time he speaks, he makes headlines. Perhaps, this is how the global community views U.S. President Donald Trump. With his aggressive policies supposedly protecting the interest of American people in the expense of migrants and Muslim nations, he is best described as an iron leader. However, his verbal tirades might say something beyond what we see. If some experts were to be believed, America’s most powerful leader might be suffering from a physical and mental illness.

Marking his first month in office, it has been reported that Trump is not adjusting well to his life in the White House. According to Mike Allen’s Newsletter, the 70-year-old president is suffering from ‘cabin fever.’ This is characterized by headaches, and frustrations that often drives a person to lose interest in his normal routine. In Trump’s case, he can't spend his evenings dining at restaurants within Trump Tower like how he used to, Yahoo Finance reports.

Aside from cabin fever, some experts also analyzed that Trump has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NDP). This mental health condition is characterized by lack of empathy for other people, grandiosity and a constant need to be admired. People suffering from NDP are often observed to be self-centered, arrogant, manipulative and demanding. They often feel that they deserve special treatment, and are constantly hooked in their ostentatious fantasies, which includes thinking about their own success, greatness of skill, or physical beauty.

According to Psychology Today, signs of NDP typically begin in early adulthood. Through the years, this will be consistent in multiple areas of a person’s personal and professional life. They often think and feel that they are superior to others, and only mingles with people whom they believe are gifted and talented as well. Recently, 35 mental health professionals reportedly wrote to the New York Times and warned that Trump is suffering from “grave emotional instability.”

They further added that this condition is indicative in his words and deeds that make him “incapable of serving safely as president.” Furthermore, these experts also explained that they were silent because of the goldwater rule. However, they feel that the time to speak up has come. They said that their silence has resulted to “failure to lend expertise” to journalists and legislators.

Recently, body language expert Patti Wood explained that Donald Trump never holds the hand of his wife publicly because he wanted to exude the image of an alpha male. This was after the press documented that Melania tried to hold Donald but he only gripped and tapped her hand then released it. His predecessor, Barack Obama, is characterized as a beta male because he shows affection to his wife even in public.

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