Tesla vs Uber: How Green Companies Will Compete Under Trump Administration

When it comes to cleantech, Donald Trump's stance for years was all about the absurd claim that the concept of global warming was a hoax created "by and for the Chinese." It was quite a funny proposition for years among most of the people, until it somehow became an insane conspiracy-focused White House policy.

Dark Times Ahead For EPA And The United States

According to CleanTechnica, the new head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has long been trying to oppose the EPA and it is expected that he and Donald Trump will heavily denote the EPA, resulting in dirtier air and water, increase in premature deaths, rise in health problems, more suffering, and surely a lot more global warming and catastrophic climate change. For many enthusiasts of cleantech, we are facing a very much rigged and lopsided administration, which is not exactly something you want your favorite Company CEO to be in cooperation with.

That unreal take on the whole dilemma actually makes it seem more positive in some cases, because of the fictional aspect. Now back to reality, since this current administration spells more premature human deaths and suffering as well as being a threat to human society as a whole, it would feel a lot more horrible.

People Need Companies Promoting Cleantech

The focus now is centered on companies that are promoting cleantech, most specifically companies like Tesla and Uber, whose famous founders & CEOs Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick who are visionaries and revolutionists who seek after the welfare of the entire world. With the thought that the Trump administration could potentially damage the environment in general, the people need these companies more than ever.

According to Engadget, companies like Tesla and Uber are currently focused on producing clean technology, which are technologies that do not require damaging the environment in order to be effective. With that in mind, people need to lean more towards the cause and goal of these companies in order for them to make a mark and contribute towards denying the potential chaos that might come.

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