Nokia 3310 Relaunch: Why We Can't Let Go Of This Stunner

The Nokia 3310 is back or at least will be here soon. The iconic handset is reportedly scheduled to be reborn later this month when HMD, the Finnish company that has the rights to the Nokia brand, launch a new version of the device. Despite the wonders of smartphones today, with their 4G or LTE internet connections, touchscreens and an endless choice of apps, the 3310 still has a special place in many hearts. Modern smartphones are fantastic. They feature impressive specs, advanced camera technology and tons of other things we enjoy every day. They're basically computers, with the computer-grade spec and processor inside them. But they're fragile, they break easily, cost a fortune and none can yet produce a week or more of battery life.

Epic Battery Life

This little block of gray was a tardis of energy storage. Left alone, it would keep your phone ticking over for 245 hours. It has an impressive standby life of ten days. 


If you've had a smashed screen or busted a home button, you may well have pined for the good old days when your Nokia 3310 could fall from the top of a three-story building and still survive intact. It weighs a solid 133 grams while the iPhone 6 is a comparable 129 grams, the various gaps and plastic layers of the phone gave it a rugged and drop-proof durability.


The Nokia 3310 existed long before apps became the buzzword in the tech industry, and as such had only a handful of applications you could use on it. Nokia 3310 was good enough for simple tasks like calculations or setting reminders, but was not meant for the countless stuff that the smartphones launched these days can do. It can even be considered the perfect phone if you want a simple life free from distractions of social media and selfies.


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